Nagaland State Lottery Result 09.12.2020 Today 6.00 PM 8.00 PM Live

Nagaland State Lottery Result 09.12.2020 Today 6.00 PM evening and 8.00 PM night result live: The Directorate of Nagaland has recently uploaded the Dear Labhlaxmi 6:00 PM and Dear Evening 8:00 PM Lottery results. Those who have purchased the 8.00 PM and 6.00 PM lottery tickets can see their lucky draw today result from this page.

Nagaland Lottery Result Today 09.12.2020

Dear Day Assam 12:00 PM PDF

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Dear Labhlaxmi 6:00 PM PDF

Dear Evenning 6:00 PM PDF

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Dear Vulture Evening 8.00 PM Lottery Result Live


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Nagaland State Lottery Result Sambad Today

Namaste India, you are most welcome to the daily live lottery lucky draw program result page. In this page, we provide you the fastest Nagaland live lottery 8.00 PM and 6.00 PM evening today’s result. If you are unable to see today’s Nagaland State lottery result, just refresh the page by using the above button and click the result button.

Nagaland Lottery Sambad Today

Nagaland Lottery Result Overview

What is the Nagaland Lottery Result?

Nowadays people around you are motivating you to test your luck in the lottery program. Here a question arises what is the exact process of the lottery, how to participate in the lottery program. Well, in this post I will tell you the a to z information about the State-Run Governmental Lottery Lucky Draw. Also, you will know How to Win flat Rs.1 Crore rupees from the Nagaland Lottery.

In India, 13 state Government allows the lottery program. Here you can participate, win, and withdraw money from a lottery program. In fact, the Nagaland state Government conducts multiple lottery program for the people. Among the 13 states, Nagaland state is one of them where lottery competitions are legal. People can bid and win lakhs to Crores of Money from the lottery program. So, let’s move ahead and see the procedure of Nagaland State Lottery result.

Steps to Participate in Nagaland Lottery Sambad 2020

Steps to Participate in Nagaland Lottery

Those who want to become rich or Crore Pati overnight should buy the Nagaland Evening Lottery Ticket. Lottery tickets are available for sale at your nearest Kirana Store and Lottery Retailer. You can visit the verified store and ask them for the 09.12.2020 Dear Evening and Dear Labhlaxmi lottery tickets. After purchasing the tickets your work is over. Now, you just wait till the lucky draw live events of the specified dates. If your ticket coupon number appears in the 09.12.2020 Nagaland Lottery Sambad Result, you can claim the Lottery amount. Today’s Nagaland State evening Lottery results are available on this page. Kindly check it out by clicking here.

Day Wise Nagaland Lottery Sambad Names

The Directorate of Lottery, Nagaland has fixed some specific names for weekly daily competition. 

Cost of State Nagaland Lottery Sambad Result

As I stated earlier, the Nagaland State Government runs multiple Lottery competition. So, the cost of each lottery ticket varies from each other. We have mentioned the cost of each Lottery Tickets in the following table.

Nagaland Lottery Name Cost of Lottery Tickets
Dear Labhlaxmi 6:00 PM (Live) Rs.10.00/- per ticket
Dear Evening 8:00 (Live) Rs.6.00/- per ticket
Dear Super 4.30 PM Rs.10.00/- per ticket
Dear 20 4.30 PM Rs.10.00/- per ticket
Dear Monyhly 4.30 PM Rs.6.00/- per ticket

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Nagaland Lottery Prize Value Today 09.12.2020

Nagaland Lottery Sambad Schedules

The Lottery Sambad lucky draw is held three to five times a day. However, the Nagaland Lottery Sambadis published two times daily. You can take the help of your favorite website to see the live lucky draw result. Every day, you can visit this page at 6.00 PM evening to get the Dear Labhlaxmi result today. Apart from this, you can see the most awaited Dear Evening lottery result at 8.00 PM night.


Besides this, you can see Assam Lottery Sambad, Maharastra Lottery Sambad, Kerala Lottery, West Bengal Lottery, Bodoland Lottery, Bhutan Lottery Sambad, etc from this site.

How to Win Nagaland Lottery?

Who doesn’t want to become a Crore Pati? Nowadays, everyone has the ambition to become a millionaire. If I will say, you can become a millionaire overnight without doing any hard work then you will not accept me. Ohh my bosom buddy trust me, every day someone from India is becoming an overnight millionaire. This is happening legally with the help of the Nagaland state Government Lottery program. In the next paragraph, I will tell you how you can Win the Nagaland Lottery result 2020.

If you will search the term “How to win Lottery”, you can find more than 20 Million results. Where you will come across 1 million tricks. Most of them provide replicated tricks, that will never help you to win any lottery lucky draw.


No one can share any 100% working trick by using which, you can win the Nagaland Lottery Sambad 2020. But there are some tricks, which will help you to increase your winning percentage probability. They are as follows:

Generally, if you will purchase more lottery tickets, then there will be a high chance to win the Prize. Here, one thing can happen either one ticket can do wonders for you. Sometimes, this trick doesn’t work for all.

Many people hold a misunderstanding that, when fewer people play the game, the probability gets increases. In fact, this rule may work in the case of a physical game like cricket or Hockey. But in the case of Lottery, the winning probability depends upon your Good luck. 

If your luck comes with you, then you don’t need to apply any tricks and tips. However, in the opposite, you can not win a single Prize, if your luck does not come with you.

Some people use Quick Pix to choose their lucky number. In this trick, the machine chooses a lucky number for you. Bt this trick has a drawback. If multiple people use this trick, then then you could lose.

Hence, the best practice for you is that, don’t purchase a Lottery Ticket every day. Save money and wait for some time. Whenever a Jackpot Lucky Draw begins invest all your savings to purchase tickets. There will be more probability of a win.

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How to Check Nagaland State Lottery Sambad 09.12.2020?

Those who have purchased the Nagaland State Lottery tickets of 09.12.2020 morning, evening, and night lottery tickets can check the Live Lottery tickets of 09 December 2020 from your informative Digital CSC Portal. Else, you can visit the official Government portal i.e to check the live lottery result. Below we have described the steps by using which you can Download the Lottery sambad result night.

  • Firstly, visit the official web portal of the Nagaland State Lottery. (Link is available in the Important Link Section)
  • Now click on the “Todays Result” link from the main menu.
  • Wait till the specified time.
  • Once the result will be live, you can either click on the Download PDF link or DBF link.
  • Finally, you can see the Dear Evening Live Lucky Draw result.

Steps to Check Nagaland Old Lottery Result

The has a very simple and user-friendly design. We have already mentioned the steps of Live lucky draw result. You can use the following Navigation to see the Old Lottery Nagaland result.

  • Firstly, visit the Nagaland Directorate of Lottery official website.
  • After that click on the “Old Result” from the main menu.
  • Here, you can see all the running and expired Lottery list. Choose your Lottery name.
  • Now select your desire date from the Date dropdown.
  • Finally, click on the Download button to Download a PDF of the old result.

About Nagaland State Lottery Program

Nagaland is one of the North East state of India. As per the state’s law, the Government can conduct lottery programs. Hence, the State Government has formed a separate buddy for the smooth conduct and management of the State lottery program.

Nagaland became the 16th state of India on 1st December 2020. Later on, the state started a Lottery Program. It became popular in the state. Soon, 14 more Indian states joined the Nagaland Lottery Program. Nowadays, the Nagaland Lottery is the most popular Lottery campaign in India. The state has also extended its program to all most all North-East States and West Bengal.

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Nagaland State Lottery Result Office Address

The headquarter of Nagaland Lottery is situated at P.R. Hill Junction, Nagaland, Kohima, 797001

Contact Number: 0370-2229982

Nagaland Lottery Sambad Evening and Night Important Links

  1. Governmental Website: Click Here
  2. Dear Evening Scheme Details: Click Here
  3. Dear Labhlaxmi Scheme Details: Click Here

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