Kalia Yojana 2021: Apply Online New List Beneficiary Status

KALIA Yojana (Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation). Know beneficiary status, Online Grievance Application, apply online, check 1st, 2nd, 3rd instalment status online.

The Central Government and Various states Government keep formulating plans and policies to uplift the downtrodden. Indian Government launched “ PM Kishan Yogan” to help the farmers. Under this scheme, a registered farmer is entitled to get up to 6000 annually. The Odisha state government went one step ahead and launched a project in January 2019. The scheme was meant for small farmers, agricultural labourer, and cultivators. This informative article will cover every aspect of the Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and income augmentation (KALIA) scheme.

Kalia Yojana Apply

Experts and government estimates have shown excellent enthusiasm and a remarkable positive impact on the ground—initially, Rs. Ten thousand crores have been earmarked for Kalia Yojana 2021 instalment from the state budget, and it will cover more than 90 per cent of people related to Agri directly and indirectly.  

Kalia Yojana EligibilityCriteria

The scheme does not apply to all the people living and working in Orissa. It is a targeted cash scheme that segregates people based on their earning ability, land resource, etc. As per the scheme document, the Government has the intention to target up to 50 Lakh families in the coming years. 

Small And Marginal Farmer:- Small And Marginal Farmer:- Anyone who has cultivable land between 1 hectare to 2 hectares is called a small/marginal farmer. When we convert into acres, it is 2.5 and 5 acres, respectively. They can apply at kalia.co.in/kaliaportal.odisha.gov.in

Landless farmer:- This is the most significant difference between PM Kishan and Kalia scheme. There is no provision to provide any cash relief to landless persons in PM Kishan, whereas Kalia has a requirement to give rupees Rs. 10000 to every landless family annually. Kalia Yojana 2021 instalment covers all the Labor that work on the land in informal ways and does not get good returns on their hard work. Anyone can check the status of their payment in New List 2021, 2nd, 3rd Beneficiary Status.  On the official website, an applicant can also check the Application Status and Payment Status.

Kalia Scheme Salient Features

Agricultural Assistance

We are a developing country and primarily depend on agriculture and its allied services. We are the biggest producer of wheat, rice, pulses, and others. Agriculture and associated service contribute approx 17 to 18 per cent in GDP, and more than 50 per cent of our population are employed in that sector directly or indirectly.

We all get foods in front of us through farmers, but their financial health is not good. The farmer suicide issue is well known, and thousands of farmers took their life due to the inability to pay the loan and agricultural loss. Cultivation equipment, fertilizers, petrol, diesel, seeds, and overall agricultural operation has become costly. Inflation is on the higher trend, and in that scenario, the Orissa government did a recommendable job by launching the KALIA scheme for cultivation assistance. 

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Under the scheme, the Government will provide Rs. Twenty-five thousand per family in five seasons. In detail, a family will get 5000 rupees during the cropping seasons. The scheme started from the Rabi season of 2018-19. It is expected that farmers will use this assistance after checking their Kalia Yojana Payment Status in making purchases of equipment and other useful tools. It will also give them some pause from the loan and other credit-related instruments. 

Farmers are one of the most overlooked citizens in our country despite their relentless effort in providing a meal to every plate. 

Poverty alleviation and livelihood assistance for landless agricultural households

The Government adopted a very pragmatic approach in formulating the policy document. The main intention is to cover more and more people under the umbrella of the KALIA scheme. 

There is no denying that agricultural land is not correctly distributed among citizens. Many people hold a large chunk of land, whereas some people have nothing to grow. In that case, they tend to shift their attention to allied activities like poultry farming, fishing, cash crop cultivation, beekeeping, and others. As per estimates, Out of the total people related to agriculture; activities, more than 30 percent are working in these allied services. 

The group will get Rs. 12,500 in Kalia Yojana 2021 installment to support their livelihood. Every family is eligible to get that amount every year. That amount will be used in making capital investments in the sector or maintain day-to-day affairs. 

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Support to landless labour class people

Agriculture is not all about land, machine, and investment; it requires hard work too. Despite using large and advanced equipment, we need manual Labor for different jobs. That manual labour class is always neglectable. Very little attention is given to that group by any previous government but now they get money after inclusion in New List 2021, 2nd, 3rd Beneficiary Status under Kalia Yojana 2021 instalment. But the current Government did smart work by including them under the ambit of the scheme.

Those people sweat out day and night for better cultivation, and as a society, we should always appreciate their contribution. Under KALIA, that landless labour family will get Rs. Ten thousand per year through direct cash transfer (DBT) after applying at kalia.co.in. Here priority will be given to SC/ST, Old age, Widows, Disable, and another vulnerable group.

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Insurance facility

Agriculture has become an investment too. Lakh of rupees are put into purchasing and cultivating, and what if the farmer did not get the right return. Human-made and natural issues keep coming to derail the cultivation. To cope with all and make them strong, the scheme has a provision of interest-free crop loans. Yes, the vulnerable landless labourers, cultivators, and agricultural families do not require any premium or interest to avail up to Rs; 50,000 crop loan. Gram panchayat will identify the family, and the family will get that amount under Kalia Yojana 2021 instalment for handling agricultural activities. This crop loan is a very transparent and efficient process to convert substance farming into economic farming.

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Life Insurance for various agricultural stakeholders

There is a provision for life insurance and general insurance of all sorts of things. We can take insurance of cars, bikes, Homes, Business, or anything, but we adopt a lacklustre approach to agriculture. Insurance companies, too, do not come forward to offer insurance happily without any segregation. 

kalia Insurance policy

KALIA provides life insurance and personal accident cover of Rs, 2,00,000. There is a nominal fee a cultivator or the other eligible group and they need to pay that fee. Anyone interested in availing of this facility will agree to pay Rs. 330 for life insurance and Rs, 12 for accident cover. The person will sign the consent form, and based on that; the amount will be deducted from the saving account annually. A simple saving account is enough to avail of this facility. Once, a person is into New List 2021, 2nd, 3rd Beneficiary Status, they will get life insurance for themselves. 

Another essential feature is the waving of the nominal charge for a person aged between 51 and 70. The Government will bear the entire premium amount for these age group people. 

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How to Apply Kalia Yojana 2021 online Green Form?

  • The Government has developed a dedicated website for registration, payment processing, status knowledge, refund cases, and complaints. 
  • Visit the official website at https://green.kalia.co.in/index1.html.
  • Look for the section “Apply Online”. kalia portal home page
  • A person needs to enter the Aadhar number, mobile number, necessary details, and attach a scanned copy of the required document and press the submit button on the screen.
  • While entering the information, make sure that you enter the information matching with the supporting document. Any mismatch might lead to the rejection of your application submission. 
  • The official website is made up of the whole process of financial assistance easy to get the Kalia Yojana 2021 instalment. Here, a registered user can log in through a user id and password to check payment status.

Points to remember on KALIA

kalia Beneficiary Status
  1. The scheme is only for the residence of Orissa. It means you must have a valid address proof like Aadhar Card, Voter Card, Passport, Electric Bill and others. The scheme clearly defines that it is intended for a permanent resident, so you are not eligible if you are working in the state and have the address proof.
  2. It is only for the BPL category of people. Hence, a person working in central Government, state government, income tax filler, big landlord, businessman, highly professional people life doctor, chartered accountant are not eligible.
  3. Applicant must submit Aadhard card, address proof, photograph, mobile number, and bank account details while filling the application form.
  4. There is no provision for cash payment. Based on your name in New List 2021, 2nd, 3rd Beneficiary Status, the amount will be deposited into the bank account of the beneficiary.
  5. The bank account must be linked with Aadhar for direct benefit transfer (DBT).
  6. In case of any KALIA Yojana Grievance Application related to the scheme and DRT, people have the option to complain online. Visit the official website and look for the section “online grievance application form”.
  7. It is advisable to read all the terms and conditions before complaining. One may also visit the FAQs section before taking the complaint route.
  8. The website reconfirms that you are sure about lodging a complaint.
  9. Press the continue button, and an online grievance form come up.
  10.  Enter all the available information along with supporting documents.
  11. Press the submit button, and an Aadhar token number will generate. It will help in keeping track of the KALIA Yojana Grievance Application.
  12. Do not forget to note down the token number as required to track the grievance status in the future. 
  13. You may check the status through the token number. 

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Final Words about Kalia Yojana

This is the right scheme in the right direction launched by the chief minister of Odisha. It can transform the lives of millions, and it may also lead to increased growth in the agriculture sector. The government goal to attain high growth and employment is achievable. 

We suggest you to keep visiting the official websites to keep yourself updated. In case of any information, anyone can call on the toll-free number “1800-572-1122”. Or they can give a missed call to “080-6117-4222”. Missed call service provides every minute of information in the way of a mobile text message. Customer service is available every working day from morning to evening. 

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Call 1800-345-6770 to lodge grievances related to the scheme. Hopefully, you got all the required information. Avail of the benefits of the system if you are eligible.

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