Instagram is one of the social media that is massively followed by today’s generation. Among so many Social Media platforms, it has highest number of users in it. Instagram released in the year 2010 on October 6, after 14 years it has 2.4 Billion active users. Instagram is mostly followed by Indian users, which are about 360 Million users.
It has many Features like, reels, Story, post among which reels is very famous now- a- days. After all the short video platforms like; tiktok, chingari etc. Reels are getting more followers. It attracted so many followers. It attracted so many followers through adding post, story & short videos in a single Application.
Another interesting feature of instagram is adding Story. Today people are more fund of adding story in their daily social media life. Today more people are using story for B’days, for daily life show casing. It has so many “Filters” that made it so interesting.
Some of the Filter names to make your story more attractive:
1: 3 Pictures wild
2: Film burn
3: Gradient
4: black and white + graffiti
5: Frame HBD 10
6: Frame HBD 6
7: Birthday V1
These are some of the story Filters that will make your Story look cool.
To look more attractive your profile you need good highlight and posts also. You can edit your Photos through instagram also.

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