Google Play Redeem Codes Today-Free (₹10, 20, 30, 50)

Are you searching for free Google Play Redeem codes 2024, Or Gplay Card for free 20 June 2024? If yes, then continue accessing the whole Article without skipping any content. After reading this post, you will get 100% working Google Play Gift Card Codes free. Use them for grabbing premium rewards of Mobile Games and Apps without paying money.

Welcome back to Digital CSC. I hope you are doing well. For the last 2 year, we are offering Free Redeem Codes and Gplay Card to you, and also you are enjoying them. In our previous post, we have already updated the new Free Fire Redeem Code and PUBG Mobile Redeem Code for you. Now it’s time to offer lots of Free Google Play Promo Codes 2024.

In this post, we are going to explain some important topics about the Google Redeem Code, how to get unlimited Google Play gift cards for free, and how to claim the Gplaycard credit rewards in your account. Also, we will be providing daily Rs.10 to Rs.800 Google Play redeem codes for free. So, without making any delay let’s begin the topic.

What do you mean by Google Play Code or Gift Voucher?

Google Play Free Gift Cards 2022

First of all, let me tell you, Google Play Store is an online store like Flipkart, Amazon, and Paytm. Here you can buy and sell your Android Applications, Books, Movies, music, etc. You can use your Debit Card/Credit Card as well as your Gift Card balance for your payment.

In Simple words, we can say Google Play redeem codes are codes that can be used to purchase apps, games, and other content on the Google Play Store. These codes can be obtained through various promotions and giveaways and can be used to purchase items without the need for a credit card or other form of payment.

To attract more users and make simple payments, Google has introduced Gift Card Payments which we call Gplay. Google Play Redeem code is the gift voucher code issued by Google itself. Often, we call it the Google Play Recharge code, Promotional Code, play store promo code, and Google Gift Voucher.

240 gift card

By the way, the Play Store Redeem Codes are 16-digit alpha number numbers written in Caps Lock Mode. It contains Alpha letters from A to Z and the numerical value from 0 to 9. There are no specific rules or codes for the arrangement. It is arranged randomly.

These codes are redeemable only at Google Play Store. You can use the Gift card balance for in-app purchases, Movie Rentals, Buy Books from Google Books, Play Movies, reading audiobooks, participating in events, activating premium subscriptions, read comics, and in-game purchases.

GPlay Code Free

For Example: If you want to buy Gems for the Carrom Pool game or DJ Alok Character in the Garena Free Fire game, then you can use Google Play credit for the payment. Also, you can join any program on YouTube using the Redeem Codes of Gplay.

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Latest Google Play Redeem Codes June 2024

It’s important to note that redeem codes can only be used once and are typically only valid for a limited time, so it’s important to use them as soon as possible. Additionally, redeem codes are not transferable, so they can only be used on the account that they were redeemed on.

As per your wish, here in this post, we are going to provide you with several free Play store redeem codes for June 2024 Month. First, you can redeem them into your Play store credit. After that, you are free to use any in-game purchases, or you can use it for Clash of Clans Free Gems Purchases

Today’s Google Play Redeem Code Scratch Card

Rs 1300 Google Play Codes

Gplay Codes for 20 June 2024

  1. DHTK-T4B8-5XT5-J9PS
  2. KI9L-KH4V-BN78-MMNB
  3. 2JBV-VNRX-AW5F-45RM
  4. SE4H-0KJJ-MNBG-Y6Y6
  5. 9F2J-3N3F-P2DX-P7YW
  6. HY7Y-KJU8-KLIO-KI86
  7. DFDK-99U9-LLKG-D6UK
  8. HY67-KI8U-KLI8-DCVV
  10. 36LU-ZH1C-PEUU-WH7X

Now we have decided to provide more Free Google Play Recharge Codes free of cost. The entire Play Store redeem code will be available in three ways:

  1. Free Code Every Hour
  2. Daily Surprise Reward
  3. Sunday DhamakareveeeeeeeeEyeE uHyeE

Now let us explain them in detail. As per your comment, we have decided to offer redemption codes on a regular basis.

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Free Code Every Hour (10.00 AM TO 11.00 PM)

In the Free Code Every hour campaign, we will provide Gplay Reward codes every hour. These Codes will be updated in this section of the page. The timing of these codes will be from 10.00 AM to 11 PM every day.

What you need to do is join our Telegram Channel using the given link. Before updating the Redeem Codes, we will notify you on our Telegram Channel. So that, you will get ready to claim the Free Play Store Gift Card.

Gplay card Proof

Google Redeem Code for 19 June 2024

  • 5169-285M-SWLS-C0UE
  • ETT1-F3T4-6GY9-617Y
  • 8TBZ-KS1B-JDGN-557K
  • 6LSL-5WXV-RP2B-D16D
  • D003-GS8R-B8TR-2WS4

Free Redeem Code 18 June 2024

Gplay CodeUpload Time
4RJ38-KU2X-EFJA-E64311.05 AM
G7274NW275BGU3P312.01 AM
9CP7-LSYS-6W21-RNE601.15 PM
1R06-0NAV-GUY8-0NES02.00 PM
K7J5-NGMG-P2KA-3ZR706.06 PM
B7A9-HP5B-04XH-4FKT8.07 PM
rs 10 google gift card

Free Redeem Code 17 June 2024

Gplay CodeUpload Time
1F48-RG10-BCFX-T2JY10.01 AM
G0H2-X0R5-DX7A-59HU12.15 PM
9B84-PA8Z-JJGZ-6PNS01.30 PM
4YP5-GT2J-9UN1-RMGJ02.00 PM
596J-TT1J-YU7U-8IU703.29 PM
78HO-NBS7-HS76-HBS804.03 PM
EE73-JK8I-OKI8-DFR405.40 PM
34AW-A23A-YVUZ-8W6K09.11 PM
Play Store Code 27-Feb-2022

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Daily Surprise Reward Min Rs.100 Redeem Code

The Daily Surprise Reward will be updated daily. There will be no specific time for new code upload. You need to keep track of this page within some interval of time. Also, you can bookmark this page in your Chrome browser so that it will be easier for you to access all the codes regularly.

We will upload a minimum of Rs.100/- voucher redeems codes in this section daily. We request all the winners to take a screenshot and send us to [email protected].

  • ₹.10 GplayCard: 9NSD83HLJHW9U9UJ
  • ₹.20 Redeem Code: 1F48RG10BCFXT2JY
  • ₹.30 Free Gift Card: FGTY7U8I9O0PKJU8
  • ₹.50 Promo Code: 2XKNBEXL10FHD3U4

Sunday Dhamaka Min Rs.800 Play Store Code

The Sunday Dhamaka will help you to win a minimum Rs.800 to Rs.1000 Google Play Store Redeem Code for free. For this, you need to join our Telegram Channel. The Code will be uploaded every Sunday. If the winner shares the redemption code screenshot, then we will upload it here. So, you should immediately join the Telegram Channel for more exciting rewards

New Updated Working Play Store Promo Codes

  1. F3WP9XSB5WA48P23
  4. 75MG2EL607K9Z2G4
  5. 64R16U977HXN7LUM
  7. 8D87BZH8JHCH4Z5H
  9. 2LP2VNWJFDU939H3
  11. CSU15DBC0M1SH1L6
  14. H2SLG94DT0A8VWW6
  15. CDS5YY689AFH00BG
  17. 7KAVR67S5EXP1R1N
  19. CTWMA5D77X5143RU
  1. 8KIJ97T2VUF065M1
  4. GF7U89OIJBAR54W
  5. 3S58FF8YTTIO98AS
  12. LO0JU8HY6GT5FR4D
  16. 9I8I87Y7UY6T5R4E
Google Play Recharge Code
Voucher CodeRedemption Amount (Rs.)
Google Play gift Card In

Guy’s there is a huge demand for Rs.140 google play redeem codes. Hence use DZDPFKY92YZ82V8C and 8SNBFEM72UVDT6ZN to get instant Play store credit.

Today’s Newly Updated Codes

  • E7Z7L65W6U5DMBKR
  • FB6EKVZ9AE56187M
  • 50A7WP06H2021YLA
  • D0U659S8AGX78X5D
  • 6V2W9MUNTA3M6A0C
  • JV1KE87W721MJB16

The above all Google Play promo codes are some gifts from our portal. You can freely use them in your Play store and redeem a code section. All the credits that are available in the coupon codes will be auto-credited to your account. In case it shows Already Redeemed, check back tomorrow for new redeem codes.

Use JR77T52U0J62373A and HGHT71XN72FU64MT to contain the credit of Rs 1000 Codes and Rs.100 Promo code.

Google Play Free Redeem Code for Garena Free Fire

  • HGA7GHP2H5LBSWWL: Free Fire Airdrop Redeem Code
  • KBGMAYFUM29EKEVK: Garena FF Character Playstore code
  • 24HP125JUUZ1HA6D: Diamond Redeem Code
  • F4ZDLN6WEPTB3PNJ: Google Gift voucher for Gun Skin
  • E0DWSYXGSACTDT3M: Elite Pass for Garena
  • 98WTHF5GEF3P6JCL: Free 100 Diamond

Call of Duty-Free Redeem Codes

  • 3XY447F9Y4TD3TTJ: Free Points Play Store Code
  • L578MYVJ7GNU001V: Adler Character Redeem code
  • J0EGCZ2VU8MTG3B8: Free CP Redeem code
  • 1GBBPJBWE1TJFTTL: COD Free Gift Voucher
  • CBTUBCTHBU2SM3BC: Aimbot Coupon code
  • H4YA4L4K6DZEWYPL: Working
  • JVUYWK7LC2FCKH9Y: Fresh Code

How to Redeem Google Play Store Codes?

People often get valid Google Play Money Codes but do not have the idea to redeem them. If you are one of them, then don’t worry. Just follow the guide below to Claim your code.

First Step: First, open your Google Play Store Application. Login to your Google Account using your E-mail Address and Password.

Second Step: Click the Side Menu of the Application, then click on the Profile icon from the right Top Corner.

Play Store Promo Code

Third Step: After that, click on the Payment and Subscription Option from the list. Here, you will see your Google Payment Profile page.

Google Play Money Codes Redeem

Fourth Step: Next, click on the “Redeem Gift Code” text. A new pop-up will appear on your screen, asking you to enter a code.

Google Play Gift Card Redeem Steps

Fifth Step: Finally, paste your Google Play Redeem Codes there, and click the Redeem Button to Claim the Credit.

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More Ways to Get Free Google Play Credit

There are several procedures for getting free Google Play to redeem codes. But, you should know that Google LLC is the issuer of the Play Store Voucher.

You cannot generate or hack Google vouchers at any cost. So be cautious about all fake websites available on the web. However, you can use different tactics for getting the Google Play Promo code free of cost.

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Get flat Rs.300/- Credit for Free with Google One

If you have purchased Google one subscription for 1 year or more, then you will get a Google Play Rs.300/- voucher for free in your Google play account. There is no expiry for the Credit balance, you can use the voucher for direct FF, PUBG object selling.

You will receive a mail, which contains the gift voucher link. Just click the link and claim your ₹.300 free credit balance.

Rs.140 Google Play Redeem Codes

Now Google Play Store is offering flat Rs.140 free credit balance to some specific users. You can check whether you are eligible for the offer or not by clicking the Profile icon>> Notifications and Offers>> Offers. There you will see the “Just for you Rs.140 credit balance” in your account. You can use this credit on any app or game.

Rs 140 Code

Earn Free rewards with Google Play Points

Google Play points are the loyalty program introduced for Google Play credit transactions. In this program, Google will credit some reward points for your every spending. Let me describe it to you in detail.

Google  Play Points

Suppose you are a Free Fire Lover and you regularly do top-ups to purchase Diamonds. Most of the time you use Google Play Redeem Codes for the transaction. If you sign up for Google Play Points, then you will earn Free Google Play Points for each transaction.

Later you can use the Free Loyalty points to claim selected in-app store rewards free of cost. Use this Google Form to get started.

Get Up to ₹200/- Off on at Woohoo

Woohoo is one of the leading Gift card-selling Websites in India. From time to time. This month, Google Pay is giving Rs.200/- Cashback on any gift card purchase at Woohoo through Google Pay. Before placing an order, check the terms and Conditions in Google Pay App.

Woohoo Play Store offer

Remember to use the Code GOOGLE5 Coupon Code to get a 5% instant Discount.

Dhani Super Saver Pack Offer

Dhani App is now offering Lifetime Free Cashback cards to its users. Now, the Dhani app is giving flat Rs 100/- on joining. If you have not joined the Dhani App, use the below link and install the App.

After that, you will get instant Rs.100 cashback in your Dhani Wallet. Also, you can earn more than 250 cashback by activating the Dhani Super Saver Card. Watch the video.

Use the cashback amount to buy Google Play Recharge Codes. Apart from this, Dhani is offering Free health kits free of cost. Don’t miss the opportunity to join and earn free redemption codes. Also, you can invite your friends to the Dhani app. For which you will get another One Hundred Rupees Cashback in your wallet. Click Here to Download Dhani App

Amazon UPI 100% Cashback on Play Store coupon

As you know, Amazon has launched its UPI service across India. Initially, it was offering a massive amount of cashback for sending money to other UPI id. Now looking at the trends, Amazon is now offering 100% cashback on Google Play vouchers.

100% cashback on Play store Recharge code

This offer is user-specific. You can check the offer by Visiting Amazon Pay>> Your Rewards>>Recharge and Bill Payments section. If you see the above banner in the reward section, make a top-up of Rs.50 or more and pay using Amazon Pay UPI to get 100% cashback up to Rs.50.

Google Opinion Rewards offer Google Play coupons

The Google Opinion Reward App is a subsidiary of Google LLC. Using the Google Opinion reward, you can participate in various surveys and opinions. In exchange, Google will offer you some reward points. You can redeem the entire opinion rewards point to purchase Free Redeem Codes for the Play Store.

Google Opinion rewards

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SBI Yono UPI Cashback

State Bank of India is the largest bank in India. Now its mobile banking Application SBI Yono offers a Free Cashback of Rs.25 for doing a UPI transaction. If you have not yet registered yourself in the Yono App, do the UPI registration and Claim Cashback to buy Free Google Play Redeem Codes.

If you have not joined the SBI Yono App, then Click here to Install it from Google Play Store.

Play Store Redeem Code Free of Cost


Google Play Redeem Code Generator 2024

The Google Play Store Redeem codes are issued and generated by Google servers only. No external web portal or tool can generate code for you.

If you find any such tools on the web, do not trust them. Most of them are fake. Moreover, they will ask you for human verification where you have to enter your data.

It is their new move for the collection of personal data. Be safe from spammers.
Use an above-mentioned lot of tricks for unlimited Google Play redeem code generator without any human verification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by Google Play Redeem Code?

Google Play Redeem code is a gift voucher code issued by Google Company to purchase products (In-game items, Application subscriptions, and lots more). You can use the Google Play store credit as your payment method.

How to get Google Play Store Credits Free of Cost?

Google Play store credit is available at various e-commerce portals. You can use different techniques to gain Free Credits.

How to do Google Play Redeem Code Hack?

Google is one of the most secure networks in the world. You cannot hack any Coupon code. Several portals show you different hacking tricks. But trust me, no one can hack Google Play Redeem Code.

How can I get a free Rs.140 Coupon Code for free?

Yes, you can get Rs.140 Coupon code for free. You can visit your Play Store Offer section to find out the Rs.140 Redeem code free.

How to generate an Unlimited Play store Redeem Code?

There is no way to generate an unlimited Play Store Redeem code. Therefore, if you use any unlimited Play Store coupon-generating tool, any single code will not work in your Account.

How to buy Play Store Code at a cheap price?

Google Play Store codes are available at different merchants. However, you can buy these codes from PayZapp at a cheap price.

Can I use a Google Play redeem code more than once?

No, Google Play redeem codes can only be used once.

Can I transfer a Google Play redemption code to another account?

No, Google Play redeem codes are not transferable and can only be used on the account that they were redeemed on.

What should I do if I’m having trouble redeeming a code?

If you’re having trouble redeeming a code, it’s possible that the code has already been used or has expired. It’s also possible that the code is not valid for the country or region that you’re in. In this case, you may need to contact the company or organization that provided the code for further assistance.

Google Play Gift Voucher Offers

Now several e-commerce portals are giving Google Play Voucher codes. In addition, some of them are now giving discounts and cashback on Google Play Gift Voucher purchases. They are as follows:

Get ₹ 20 Cashback at Freecharge

In September, the Freecharge is giving cashback on every Google Play Store Recharge. If you want to purchase a voucher code, then install the FreeCharge App on your phone and try to purchase a Play Store code. On the Payment page, use code PLAY20. You can pay using any payment method.

Google Pay 15% Cashback offer on Play Store Codes

Google’s other subsidiary body, Google Pay, runs a 15% cashback offer on Play store Recharge Code. Using this offer, you will get a flat 15% cashback up to Rs.15. Here, the minimum transaction value is Rs.30 to get this offer.

Amazon Pay UPI Offers on Google Play Codes

Amazon Pay is now offering 5% to 10% cash back on every Google Play store Redeem code. In addition, you can use Amazon Pay UPI as a Payment method to avail of instant cashback on your Amazon Pay wallet.

Woohoo Instant Discount Codes

Woohoo is the largest gift voucher company in India. You can use the GOOGLE or GP4 promo code at the checkout page of the Woohoo Google Play Coupon Page to get a flat 5% instant discount.

Free Fire Redeem Code Today Giveaway for You

  1. 1PYTFH21B3ZGVW50
  3. 6LM2ZF6KWLK7A7M0
  4. 3T2FE7E2R2YJ9MRK
  5. 8FMLK687W0U729Z7
  7. 1XKWUJ468PHY58F4
  8. 48L106LGP1EYAPU2
  1. 10DUX4M9JF92ARYP
  3. 6FV763C7NN69VY8B
  7. 77XHEHLRE7289BMK
  9. 88EC87PJ6KWM459R
  10. 5J4SBAD625V4HEPG

Guys, always try all the above codes. We regularly update vouchers. Every day you will find new code in this section. If you successfully redeem any code, please comment below.

Free Google Play Redeem Codes

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In conclusion, Google Play redeem codes are a great way to purchase apps, games, and other content on the Google Play Store without the need for a credit card or other form of payment. They are easy to use, but it’s important to use them as soon as possible and make sure that the code is valid for your country or region.

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