How to get the DJ Alok character for Free in Free Fire

Do you really like to play Free Fire using Alok Character? Are you looking for the Tricks to unlock DJ Alok for Free? Well, this is the right place where I have explained every question in detail.

After the launch of Alok, the Free Fire Players absolutely like to play along with him. People love Character, not only he is good looking, but also, he has good ability. So, after doing proper analysis I have prepared a post with some hacking tricks.

Free Fire new Alok Character Details

Alok which is popularly known as DJ Alok, is one of the mostly used Character in the Free Fire App. Due to its ability and gaming experience, both players and YouTubers love using it.

Last year, in November month, the whole Free Fire community and players welcomed the popular OP Character Alok. This was the biggest ever collaboration of the Free Fire family.

Due to its unique ability and outstanding performance, maximum users are now using the Alok DJ Character.

Alok chaaracter real photo

If I will talk about the real-life of Alok, then he is a famous Brazilian musician. His good name is Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo. He is a famous DJ mix music recorder.

In the year 2020, the Garena added the new DJ Alok Character into their Character archive. Soon, he became the most popular among the players.

DJ Alok has a famous motto called “DROP THE BEAT“. When it reaches the maximum stage i.e Level 6, it can replenish 5HP per second for a total 10-second period.

It also generates a 5 meter Aura round, which not only increases health but also increases its performance speed. It has another ability to increases the teammate’s HP.

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Cost of DJ Alok Character in Free Fire

Name of the CharacterDJ Alok
Available inGarena Free Fire Game
Cost of the Character599 Diamond
After Discount Coupon499 Diamond
AbilityDrop the Beat
Introduced in2019

How to get DJ Alok for free in April 2021?

During his initial launch day, it was available for Free. Later, Garena listed it as a premium character in the store. You can hold this by spending just 599 diamonds. If you avail the discount coupon, then you can save up to 100 diamonds.

As you know, Free Fire doesn’t offer premium characters free of cost. The only way to hold the DJ Alok by spending the diamonds. We have written a special post How to Get Free Fire Diamond free. Where we have given Pro Tips to Generate Free diamonds.

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However, you can use the below mentioned Earn Money tactic to unlock Free Fire DJ Alok.

Get Alok Free using Airdrop Method

Get DJ Alok free in ff

The AirDrop method is the easiest method for getting any character free of cost. From time to time, Free Fire gifts Air Drops to most of the players.

Inside dropbox, you can win DJ Alok Character, some special type of Skin, FREE diamonds, emotes, Guns, and many more surprise rewards. You have to pay flat Rs.10/- as a top-up balance to claim the Sir Drop package.

Paytm First Games Google Play Voucher

You know, Paytm First is one of the leading fantasy tournament gaming apps. You can bid and play multiple games and sports.

You may not know, Paytm First hosts Garena Free Fire at a minimal entry fee. You can play any tournament and win the tournament to claim Free Google play vouchers. Later, use that coupon to get DJ Alok’s character for Free.

Paytm First Games for Free Fire

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Use Free FF Top-Up Method

There are several methods available in the Internet that helps you to gain Free Top-Up Redeem codes. I also have published different Free Top Up hack methods. You can apply them to gain Free Diamonds in your wallet.

After getting Diamonds, use them to buy DJ Alok character with its bundle package free of cost.

Get Alok Character from Booyah App Free

Now in the Booyah app, some popular video creators are giving characters, emotes, and many other things for Free.

You have to open the Booyah app and perform some simple tasks like Like, Share, Subscribed.

After that, they will send you the Alok character Redeem Code.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards Android application is available in the Google play store. Where the user can answer surveys and will be rewarded for various ratings, surveys, and forms.

Once you will complete a certain task, you will be awarded a Google Play Gift Voucher. you can redeem that one to purchase the character of DJ Alok.

Google Opinion rewards for FreeFire

Amazon Pay 100% Cashback Offer

Amazon Pay is now running 100% cashback offer by paying through Amazon Pay UPI.

You can use this offer to buy Google Play Gift Card of Rs.50/-. You just have to pay using Amazon Pay UPI. After that, you will get 100% cashback in your Amazon pay balance.

Every month you can avail this offer. Here I just want to inform you that, this is an Account specific offer. Check your Amazon Account using this link. If you are the lucky one, avail of this offer.

Collect minimum four Amazon Account and purchase Google Play Voucher worth Rs.400/- to avail the DJ Alok Character Free of cost.

How to Unlock Dj Alok in Free Fire App?

You can claim any character and hold that character as long as you can by following the below steps:

Step-1: First of all, open your Free Fire Application on your Mobile Phone.

Step-2: Now use your Facebook account to Login into your Account.

Step-3: Next, click on the store page from the left side of your App.

Step-4: Choose DJ Alok Character, and click on the Unlock Now button.

Step-5: Before making payment, make sure that, you have applied the 100 diamonds coupon code.

Step-6: Finally, use your diamonds and unlock the DJ Alok Character Free

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Today’s Rest Redeem Code for Alok Character

  • 3KWSEZ72S145BSG0

DJ Alok Weekly Competation January 2021

We are conducting a weekly DJ Alok Giveaway competition. Every week, we will offer one DJ Alok Character.

The winner’s name and free Fire ID will be updated on this page. To increase your winning chance you just need to share this page on your social media (Facebook and WhatsApp) and send the screenshot to [email protected] with your name and Free Fire ID.

Week-1 June 2021 Winner: Kudos!! Sidhharth jain, FF ID: XXX086

Week-2 June 2021 Winner: Yee!! Sikha, FF ID: XXX77896

Week-3 May 2021 Winner: Congrats!!

Amjat, FF ID: XXX62889

Week-4 May2021 Winner: Congrats!! Somu, FF ID: XXX96965

Next Winner will be declared on 08-April-2021. Stay Tuned

Repeatedly Asked Questions

How to get DJ Alok Character Free of cost?

You can unlock DJ Alok Character Free of cost, using different techniques. We have described some of them in this post. Do apply and grab the DJ Alok character Free.

Is it safe to use hack DJ Alok Character in Free Fire?

As we have described earlier, the hack of DJ Alok Character is unsafe for you. You can enjoy the character for a limited period, but after that Garena may impose a permanent ban on your ID. Hence, it’s safe to unlock DJ Alok Character using legal techniques.

How can I unlock DJ Alok using cheaper Diamonds?

You can unlock DJ Alok in your Free Fire ID at a cheaper Price using discount coupon code.

Does Garena bans ID on hacking any character?

Yes, Garena bans all ID for doing any illegal activities.

What is the cost of the Alok bundle package on Free Fire?

The Alok character needs 599 Diamonds from your FF wallet where the Alok bundle requires 1199 FF Diamonds.

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