How to Check Vehicle Owner name by Using Number Plate?

Many of you would be thinking about how to Check Vehicle Owner name by Using Number Plate or Registration Number. In fact, many people look for the owner’s address and phone number. If you are looking for vehicle details by number plate, this article could help you more.

Check Vehicle Owner name by Using Number Plate

Nowadays, men are now fully dependent on Motor vehicles. Motor vehicles have played a key role in the transport sector. For the security and ownership claim purpose, the Government of India has introduced the Vehicle numbering system (Gadi Number).

While purchasing a new Car or Bike, the owners have to register their vehicle at the Indian Transport department. After that, the RTO will generate a Unique Identification Number for them.

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Check Vehicle Owner name by Using Number Plate

The Transport Authority of India has developed a website for the public to verify the ownership details of any vehicle. Everyone can know the vehicle details by number plates. If you want to know the Vehicle details, then you can follow the below-mentioned procedure.

There are two methods available to know the details. They are as follows:

  1. Visiting Official Website
  2. Sending SMS
  3. Using Mobile Application

Get Motor Vehicle Owner Name from Website

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has created a specific webpage for the public. Anyone can know the vehicle owner’s name, address, and other specific pieces of information on this page. You have to follow the steps to Check the Vehicle Owner’s name by Using Number Plate.

Step-1: First thing you need to do, visit the Ministry of Transport Department’s official website. I.e., (Direct Link)

Know Owner name using Number plate

Step-2: Once you click on the link, your browser will land you on your required page of the website.

Owner Name from Vehicle Number
Vehicle Owner Name Check by using Vehicle Number

Step-3: Here one thing you need to do, fill the Vehicle Registration number in the above-shown format. Then enter the verification code as shown on your page. After that, press the Submit Button.

Step-4: Finally, the system will show the Vehicle owner’s name, Chassis no, Registration Date, Engine Number, insurance status, and other details.

Vehicle Owner details
Gadi Number se Malik ka Naam

Get Owner Details using SMS Services

If you are in a difficult situation and do not have a working internet connection, you can still get the owner details by sending a simple SMS.

You can avail of this service by using your mobile’s SMS box. First of all, you have to open your mobile phone’s SMS app. Now create a Text SMS VAHAN<SPACE>VEHICLE NUMBER and send it to 7738299899 number.

For Example; To find the Owner Name of the OD-05Q-7766 vehicle number, you have to type SMS VAHAN OD05Q7766 and send it to the above number.

Bike owner name through SMS

Vehicle Owner Details through Mobile App

There is various Android Application that you can use to Check Vehicle Owner name by Using Registration Number. You can also take the help of a Mobile Application.

Vehicle owner details using App
Vehicle Details App(Play Store)

First of all, Install the Android Mobile Application on your Mobile phone. After that, open the App and fill in your Car or Bike registration Number in the specified box. Finally, click on the Get Details button. The App will fetch the owner details and will show you on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Check Vehicle Owner address by Using Number Plate?

The RTO office does not provide NormalNormally, the vehicle owner’s address and mobile number. However, if you need the owner’s details, you can fill the V88 form stating the cause. After that, the RTO officer may provide the details.

Can anyone use the RTO website data of vehicle owner for non-commercial purposes?

No, you can not use. You can use all the data available on the RTO website only for commercial purposes such as vehicle insurance, Pollution testing, etc.

What if the Data available on the RTO website is not accurate?

If your vehicle details on the RTOO website are not correct, you can visit the RTO office and fill out an application for correction. If you are an insurance provider, then you ask your customer to correct the data.


Thank you for your patient. We have described all the possible ways to know the Vehicle Owner details using either number plate or Registration number.

Note that this data is only used for Commercial Purposes like insurance Policy issue, Pollution Certificate issue. If someone mis-utilize the data will be punished by the Government of India.

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